Do you HULU?

Every week we seem to be getting new Live TV streaming announcements. This week it's Hulu!

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Why I Cut the Cord

Money. Some say it is the one constant driving force in our lives. It is why we work all week long, sometimes more. Some believe in the theory that the more money you have the more comfortable your life will be. If this is true, then why are we so willing to throw it all... Continue Reading →

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Playstation Vue Price Change

If you are like me, and have cut the noose around your wallet that is the high prices of cable, and have been utilizing streaming services like Sling TV or PS Vue, ┬áthis news will definitely be of interest to you. Sony revealed recently that it will be increasing its cost for its Playstation Vue... Continue Reading →

Reading, MA – my new hometown

There's a Reading, England. There's a Reading, Pennsylvania. And then there's Reading, MA! That's what I'm talking about today. We live here. It's a great community where businesses are highly involved and engaged and people appreciate shopping and dining locally, in my opinion, much more than our former community down Rt. 128 a bit. It's... Continue Reading →

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